wooden couchcover

no limits, size on request.
photo 1: 450cm x 320cm

wooden textiles (tapa from paper mulberry cambium)
cotton stitches, cotton rope and cotton lining

light wood colour gradient with black stitches.

A couch in itself contains a substantial amount of material. When the outer thin layer (the upholstery which is often only 3% of the material) is worn out, the couch loses its value, while the rest of the material still remains in good condition.    

We developed the Couchcover in different materials to extend the lifespan of your couch. Every Couchcover project different expressions depending on the material characteristics. The Wooden Couchcover is papery when the air is dry and more loose, and it becomes drapey when the humidity is high. For this reason the Wooden Couchcover is a natural humidifier in the interior. To strengthen this durable object, the stitches on the tapa are more dense on the spots where the couch mostly touches the body

wooden textiles

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