unseen sunglasses

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6 colours: varying from ebony to blush

tone 1: ebony
tone 2: espresso
tone 3: bronze
tone 4: honey
tone 5: beige
tone 6: blush

The 'glasses' protect your eyes against the sun. A different approach from the conventional sunglasses, which are often obtrusive fashion accessories. The Unseen sunglasses are modest in appearance. The ultra light material can be shaped to fit the contours of any head shape and the colour can be chosen (or not) to mach your own skin colour. A variety of six different colours, ranging from ebony to blush, are available containing no actual glass. The sunglasses are cut out of a sheet of thin, etched metal. This consists out of a thin filigree mesh, letting in a third of the sunlight; enough to protect your eyes without inhibiting your vision.