Curtain and Canopy of Bio-Textiles for Dutch Pavilion at World Expo Dubai 2020

bio-textiles curtain opening and closing



client RVO
year 2020 – 2022
Belén finds new ways to protect our bodies from the harmful effects of sunlight using bioplastics that don’t block all the UV-rays, so your body is still able to produce vitamin D, and have zero carbon footprint.
The sun is our biggest source of energy and the basis for life on earth. But too much of a good thing can be bad. Over the centuries people have found ways to protect their skin from harmful UV light and sunburn. But clothes that cover not only block the piercing rays of the sun, but also stops the production of Vitamin D in our bodies that we need. Sunblock manufactured textiles using chemicals is mostly oil based and, in the long run, harms our bodies and the environment.
Belén has developed two products for the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai. The first is a curtain measuring 44 by 14 meters that elegantly envelops the VIP area. The curtain is soft to the touch and warm to the eye, and features laser cut images of mangroves, oleanders, date palms and moringa – Dubai’s indigenous vegetation and the basis of its fossil fuel deposits.
behind the curtain
in front of the curtain.
For the pavilion’s entrance Belén designed a canopy 11 metres wide and 15 metres long. The bio textile, that was newly developed in collaboration with Senbis Polymer Innovations, Schmitz Textiles, Showtex and Touwfabriek Langman keeps out harmful UV rays, whilst enabling sufficient Vitamin D production for our bodies. Whereas conventional polyester sunscreens start deteriorating as soon as the sun hits them, this canopy is long lasting and fully sustainable. It’s an architectural addition perfectly suited to Dubai’s sunny climate.
beautiful colour light coming through the solar panels designed by Marjan van Aubel
design and development:
Buro Belén
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