26th November 2020
Belén at Expo Dubai 2021

We are proud to announce we will be part of the Dutch Pavilion on the World Expo in Dubai 2021. We will contribute to a temporary space with a curtain we designed utilising the PLA material we have developed together with Senbis Polymer Innovations and Schmitz Textiles. Reflecting a circular system, the Dutch pavillion will come together as a temporary space and will be given durability by loaning the products and ensuring they are utilised for other purposes. So will our curtain, which will be cut into smaller shade cloths spread around in areas with a lot of sun to demonstrate the shadows it creates, turning into sunshades. The Dutch pavilion is designed by the Dutch Dubai consortium, of which V8 Architects, Expomobilia, Kossmann.dejong en Witteveen+Bos will also partake. Other innovations, next to our curtain, will be the stained glass solar cell skylights designed by Marjan van Aubel, as well as a bio-based floor tiles and acoustic wall modules Mogu will supply for the lounge area, produced using mycelium, the vegetative part of mushrooms.

PLA is a renewable material source, which ensures the bad UV rays that are so damaging to our skin are not let through. What we do gain through this ingenious material is the Vitamin D which every body needs in differing dosages. Almost all parasols, sunscreens and canopies that can be bought currently are made from polyester. Next to the fact that polyester is an oil-based product, it is not resistant to sunlight. It breaks down immediately in small particles as soon as the sun touches it. This results in a shorter life than needed. PLA on the other hand is super light and forms an ideal sustainable alternative. Giving us what we most need from the sun.

PLA yarn dyed with oxides.
Visualisation V8, World Expo 2021. Oxidised sheet piles.


17th June 2020
Sun+ acquired by MoMa New York
The Sun+ products we designed were recently acquired by MoMa New York in their permanent collection. The products in question are our Unseen Glasses consisting out of a thin filigree mesh that protect the eyes from the sun, the UPF Wearables which are textile-based alternatives to conventional sunscreen and our UPF Hat. vertically covering the entire body by casting a shadow in its elongated adornment.
3rd May 2020
New Project: Textile Walls at Felix Meritis
Our latest project Textile Walls can be seen in the historical building of Felix Meritis, where we designed two installations of tactile walls for the restaurant and entrée area. The project is in collaboration with i29, in which we delved deeper into the historical occurrences that have taken place in these rooms. We explored layers of colour and materials, and how these form the soul of the spaces. The material herein speaks through its technical capabilities as well as the aesthetics that are inherently part of our studio’s ethos.