“We believe that everything is interconnected. We wish to offer openness, and study how the transient nature of this interconnectedness brings new insights and aesthetic materialisations that are accessible to everyone.” — Belén
Belén always starts in collaboration with material. Their three dimensional view on materiality sharpens context and new outcomes. In-depth research, striking ideas and daring experiments bring forth Belén’s own physical language. Matter; the origin, the process, colour, texture and substance are all tools to work with. The design duo wishes to deepen and soften the relationship between people and the environment by staying in close proximity to the origin, and by extracting enticing expressions from known as well as new materials. Materiality in this sense has the ability to adhere to larger topics. This brings the most impact because of their sensitivity to the sensorial experiences the environment can offer. It must be felt, absorbed, spoken to and experienced. When consciously intervening with the soul of a space, it enriches the environment.
The design studio speaks in a visual abstract story, offering new insights and giving room to absorb, to feel and to reflect. Aesthetics becomes the common language. By working with sustainable materials and colours, Belén entices people to make ethical choices whilst embracing healthier and holistic scenarios. The research-driven studio believes in interiors that live with people. Belén’s vision relates to deeper narratives connected to atavistic artisanal traditions and to the notion that everything is interconnected with nature. They push the boundaries of the insights and aesthetic materialisations that are born out of this.